Tai Chi Chung

Tai Chi Chung
Tai Chi Chung is a basic form of Chinese exercise intended to improve ones health and build muscle tone. Movements are practiced slowly without force or power. Proper breathing along with the correct body movement is important in gaining the benefits of Tai Chi training. The beginning movements of Tai Chi are basic and are relatively simple to perform. This training is ideal for the beginner of any age as an introduction to higher level Moo Doe movements and forms.

Tai Chi Chung
Tai Chi practice with Qi Gong breathing improves one's health by improving the respiratory and circulatory systems, basic joint and muscle flexibility and overall muscle tone. Tai Chi practice increases Qi (energy) in the internal organs and helps to release stress which tends to accrue in daily life. Once a certain level is obtained the practitioner then can learn to move energy to different parts of the body through the different positions and movements.

This energy will help heal and strengthen the body, calm the mind and increase one's health. The practice of Tai Chi also will physically improve one's balance and coordination. Tai Chi is the beginning level of movement of the internal arts taught in the Oom Yung Doe style.

Gi Gong and Qi Gong

Qi Gong breathings in Colorado Gi Gong or Qi Gong is the study and development of the body's natural energy to improve mental and physical health, through the practice of specific breathing techniques. The practice of these breathing techniques develops the body internally. This is done by practicing special breathing forms that open up all the acupuncture meridians, allowing energy to flow to all parts of the body healing every organ in its path.

By increasing the level of Qi (nature's energy) in the body not only can you correct many physical problems and be less prone to disease but can also increase your longevity.

Once the level of Qi is cultivated to a certain point then the natural healing abilities of the body can start to take their effect. Learning to maintain high levels of Qi in the body can also reduce the level of physical damage the body would incur when injured. Mentally one can develop increased self awareness, mental calmness and release stress.

The difference between Gi Gong and Qi Gong is that Gi Gong combines breathing with specific body movements and Qi Gong is practiced motionless either sitting or standing. Increased internal and external development is realized when Qi Gong breathing is coordinated with higher level internal main form movements.

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