Oom Yung Doe symbol. The tiger is symbolic of the physical world while the dragon signifies the mental or spiritual world.  Together they represent a harmony between the two.  The Chinese symbol Yin/Yang (Oom Yung) stands for balance in life.

Why Oom Yung Doe Martial Arts ?
Demonstration of Kyong Gong Sul Bope.  image copyright Oom Yung Doe, 1993

Assistant National Instructor Dave and Assistant National Instructor Erich demonstrating Chung Sul sparring
Through training with weapons, mental and physical discipline is increased far beyond what one can achieve by empty hand training alone.

Mentally you can develop an increased ability to concentrate, reflex is quicker, and movements are more smooth. Balance and timing are improved, and the mind is sharper, clearer, and more intense.

Many of the weapon forms and movements will give you greater internal and external developments and benefits than the weaponless forms.

Practicing with a weapon you learn to extend your concentration to the weapon itself, until your mind, body and weapon become one.
Balance:  Balanced training will help an individual increase focus, energy, discipline and communication skills along with overall mental and physical health. It is this combination which increases success and enriches the lives of so many practitioners.

Physical:  Oom Yung Martial Arts   movements can develop many areas of the body not normally used in daily activities or conventional exercises.  Oom Yung  movements develop you in ways which will not shock or damage your body.  In fact, many students with pre-existing injuries have found relief that was unavailable to them through conventional therapies.

Mental:  Oom Yung movements engage the practitioner's mind, increasing the patience, confidence, self-discipline, strength, willpower and focus necessary for success in any endeavor.  Oom Yung training can help anyone develop these mental and physical attributes, regardless of age,   background or physical ability.

Willpower:  Lack of self discipline is one of the greatest destroyers of personal goals.  How many times have you started on a physical or mental goal, and due to lack of discipline stopped before reaching your objective.  One of the greatest benefits to Oom Yung Doe Martial Arts training is the relationship between the student and the Instructor, who is there to help you reach your goals.  Through the  challenges of training, students build their own determination & self discipline which can be applied to all aspects of their daily lives.

Honor & Integrity:  Oom Yung Doe practitioners value the principles of honor, integrity, loyalty and compassion above all else. The focus is on building character, confidence, self-esteem, self awareness and health. Practitioners who folow these principles are strong and their movement is powerful. Students are taught to use this knowledge of Moo Doe only for the right reason (right justice). A better understanding of yourself will improve relations between you, your family, friends and business associates.

True Happiness:  Regardless of who you are or what position you have in life, no one has a spare mind and body.  Without good health you cannot have true happiness.

Do not wait for life to challenge you.
Your greatest success comes from
reaching your fullest potential!

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Oom Yung Doe Double Sword Symbol. The RIGHT HAND is a reminder to accept a good or right challenge in life.  The TWO SWORDS stand for the Chinese symbol for balance and harmony: Yin/Yang (Oom Yung).

The right hand is a reminder to accept a good or right challenge in life.  The two swords stand
for balance and harmony.